Prayer Requests

The Epiphany Prayer Ministry prays for all those who have requested prayer for special reasons. We receive those requests in a Prayer Box, which is a brown wooden box on a table on the south wall of the church lobby, just to the west of the doors to Bryce Hall. There are slips of paper and pencils next to the box so you can write your request and place it in the box. You can also submit a prayer request via this website. The team will receive your request and will pray for those needs. The Prayer Ministry Team is there for all. Anonymity is always protected.

The Prayer Ministry consists of members of the church family who commit to praying for the needs and requests placed in the Prayer Box. The Prayer Box is the brown box carried to the altar during the opening procession at our weekend Masses.

The Prayer Box contains Prayer Requests from those who are in need of special prayers for themselves, family or friends who may be undergoing medical, physical, financial distress or other types of crisis.

The Prayer Requests are also for safety of those who are in our military, for those who are traveling long distances, for those who are in school, students, teachers, administrators and thanksgiving for prayers answered.

Prayer is an essential part of our faith and the Lord hears our prayers. Add the requests placed in the Prayer Box to your daily prayers, asking that the needs of our faith community be heard.

If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Ministry Team, please contact the church office.

Submit a prayer request online.