Jenny Fenner

I minister to families who have lost a loved one and help them plan the Vigil and Funeral. I assist priests and deacons with the funeral liturgy, help choose and train Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for weekend liturgies and to the sick and homebound. I oversee Communion Ministry to those in nursing homes, rehab centers and in hospice settings. I conduct classes on Baptism, a monthly Grief Support Group, plan monthly outings for our ENCORE (Widows and Widowers) group and oversee our Health Ministry team and their outreach ministries. These include our quarterly Blood Drives, monthly Blood Pressure checks, the Lenten labyrinth and quarterly presentations from outside speakers on topics regarding good health practices.

What I like most about my job:  working with our Health Ministry Team who are so full of energy and great ideas – enough to keep me here full time, and I am only a part time employee. Their love for their involvement with this parish is contagious and I have certainly “caught” so much of my own enthusiasm for my job from them.

My previous employment with Contact Crisis Helpline really helped to prepare me for this job. I was director of volunteers and training there and that has tied in nicely with I do here at Epiphany. My training as a Spiritual Director in the mid -90s by the Sisters of Benedict has given me the gift of listening to those people whose grief is overwhelming and whose brokenness cries out for that “ear of the heart”. 

I am most grateful to serve the people of Epiphany parish.