Faith Formation

Faith Formation at Epiphany is a comprehensive program that begins in early childhood and continues through adulthood.

For children and young people, Faith Formation is where the parish accompanies their parents on the journey of sharing the Gospel with their children and forming them as they grow into mature young Catholic Christians. It cannot be emphasized enough that the parents are the first, and best, teachers of their children. What you do in your home will echo down the years of the lives of your children. The Epiphany Faith Formation program is here to help in this process.

The first task of Faith Formation, at home and at the parish, is evangelization. That means developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Pope Francis put it this way in his letter “The Joy of the Gospel” —

“Jesus Christ loves you! He gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side, every day, to enlighten, strengthen, and free you.”

When you were baptized, and when a child is baptized, by the Grace of God we receive the capacity to believe, what is known in Latin as “virtus fidei” — the virtue of faith. But the Sacrament of Baptism is not magic. To grow in the Christian life, to become a true disciple of the Lord, requires explicit personal faith — the “actus fidei” or “Act of Faith.” Parents promise this on behalf of their children at baptism and it is their responsibility to help their children to “act on their faith” in accordance with age and maturity.

The parents are the first and best evangelizers of their children. The major sacramental moments that children experience — First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation — are important way stations on the journey of faith, but the journey doesn’t end with them, it only begins.

The links on this tab explain lots of details about the Faith Formation program of this parish for children and youth. Information on Adult Religious Education is on the Adults tab. If you have questions, contact the Faith Formation office.