High School


High School students meet on Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 8 pm.

We meet EVERY Sunday, except Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter.

High School is a period of transition where the Catholic Faith ceases from being the faith of the parents to being faith of the individual. This period provides an apprenticeship, so to speak, where students learn more deeply about the treasures of our faith as well as how to live an active life of Discipleship which they will carry out for the rest of their lives.

Sunday Evenings:

The evenings will include a variety of faith experiences including small group activities, guest speakers, fellowship, etc. This integrated experience of the traditional “Faith Formation Class” and “Youth Group” ensures the optimum formation of each student. This catechetical model helps students to bridge what they learn with their minds into their hearts so that they are able to live it out into the world as Jesus Christ calls each one of us to His discipleship.

Registration paperwork including parental/guardian consent, medical forms and media wavier must be completed at the beginning of every school year.

Bible Study:
Thursday Bible Study is a gathering after school to open the upcoming Sunday’s readings and a reinforcement of relationships with people who share our faith. We meet every week at 4 pm.