Faith Formation for students in First grade through the 5th grade meets every Sunday during the school year. There are sessions in which students can be enrolled: 9:00 am—9:50 am or 11:15 am—12:15 pm.

Our program is sequential – each grade level prepares the student for the next. It begins with Pre-School and continues through Confirmation and the High School classes. Therefore, it is necessary for a child to attend every year, just as he/she does in secular education.

During their elementary years, your children will be formed for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. These are always momentous occasions in the faith life of children and families. Sometimes the details of celebration (dresses, suits, gifts, parties, etc.) can overshadow the true meaning of what is being celebrated. 

Reconciliation is the way that your child receives forgiveness of sins and learns to lose the guilt that so often afflicts us as we grow older. Through Holy Communion, they receive the Body and Blood of our Lord, and not to be flippant, but the saying is true — “You are what you eat.” As we receive the Body and Blood, we grow in our faith. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Don’t forget that your children are following your example. Please do your best to set a good one.