Operation Rice Bowl

Each year during Lent, the parish participates in Operation Rice Bowl. On Fridays, as we abstain from meat and eat less expensive foods, we donate the money we save on food to Operation Rice Bowl. This is a primary support of Catholic Relief Services, which is a ministry of the United States Catholic Bishops offering humanitarian relief throughout the world in response to famine, natural disasters, war, and poverty. 75% of the donations go throughout the world for these purposes, while 25% of the donations stay in the Archdiocese to support programs here at home.

During Lent, you can pick up a small cardboard “rice bowl” in which you can place your offering every Friday during Lent. At the end of Lent, we take the money out of the bowl, write a check for the donation, put it in the provided envelope, and place it in the collection basket.

More information about Operation Rice Bowl