Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a series of 14 events on the day that Christ was crucified. At Epiphany, they are depicted in mosaics along the outer walls of the Church. As a parish, we walk the Stations of the Cross every Friday evening during Lent, following the community Lenten Meal.

This devotion originated with St. Francis of Assissi during Medieval times, and is now universal within the Roman Catholic Church. Typically, each Catholic Church has pictures or images of the stations at some place within the church.

There is no set liturgy that accompanies the Stations of the Cross. People, parishes, religious organizations, and other sources have, over the centuries, written many different meditations to accompany the Stations. Typically, the hymn “Stabat Mater” which chronicles the sorrows of Mary during the Passion of her Son, is sung between stations.

The stations may be walked in company of others, as we do during Lent on Fridays at Epiphany, or they may be walked as an individual devotion. When doing so in company with others, it is not necessary to actually walk between the stations. At Epiphany, a small group follows the Deacon between the stations, while most people remain in the pews.