Worship . . . that is relevant to everything in my life.

There is no question that the bread and wine we carry to the altar is by the power of the Holy Spirit changed into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ. But we do not come to mass simply to be passive observers of transubstantiation, but to be part of the Mystery we celebrate. “For the sharing in the body and blood of Christ has no other effect than to accomplish our transformation into that which we receive.” (Lumen Gentium #26, quoting St. Leo the Great). Fr. Ron Lewinski

Spirituality. . . that connects the dots of my life.

“Spirituality is the endeavor to discover the face of God in the daily routine of life at home, in school, or place of employment. It is the ability to find peace of mind and contentment of heart in one’s world and enjoy it to the ful. . . Spiritual people blend all aspects of life so that they can form a harmonious unity. They live an integrated life that has no compartments separating one life experience from another. There is no dichotomy between their prayer and their work or the performance of one’s daily tasks, as if these realities were estranged from one another. For holistic persons, everything leads to God and everything becomes a factor of growth in the spiritual life.” Anscar J. Chupungo, OSBS, “What then is the Liturgy?” pp 234-235.