Prayer for Inquirers


We completely understand — you say you don’t believe in God. Well, if there is no God, then it doesn’t do any harm to say a prayer, because nobody is there to hear it, correct? You are just talking to yourself and that at worst is only a very minor issue, not even worth mentioning really. But if there is a God, and this God can hear and answer prayers, then could we consider this to be something on the order of a spiritual experiment? Here is a Skeptics Prayer. Try it on for size and see how it fits.

OK God, it seems like this might be a real thing.
I’m not sure though if that makes me glad or scared.
I’m mostly used to myself the way I am.
I’ve been “me” all my life.

But if this indeed is a real thing 
– if you are a real person – 
I think that might mean something for me.

What that is, I don’t know.
But I know that I want to know what that might be.
So I’m opening myself up to whatever this is that is happening around and in me.

I’m gonna need some help,
the way forward is not at all clear.
So help me out, show me the way,
Help me to find companions on this journey who will help me.

I hope you will go with me too God, and Jesus too, 
even though I’m not sure who he is either,
and what he might have in store for me.
Amen, Amen, Amen.

If you aren’t already doing so, consider going to Mass.  Read about going to Mass.  Call Deborah West at 405-722-2110 ext 118 or by email if you have questions. Come as you are — casual, dressed up, it doesn’t matter to God. You will be in the physical presence of Jesus Christ at Mass. We think you will notice something different about that.