Maybe you don't believe in God.

Or you have issues with some of the things that you think we Catholics believe. You wonder how an allegedly good God could let such terrible things happen in the world.

Doubt and skepticism are natural when it comes to the claims of Christianity and Catholicism. How do we know these things are true? What is real? Is there a purpose for my life? How should I live? Why believe in God?

We understand these questions can be difficult, confusing, and sometimes unsettling or even disturbing.

What’s the best approach? Should we each just go our own ways, and leave the other alone? Or is something to be gained by talking about these questions, these doubts, that loom so large in our lives?

If you ask us, we think a great way to discern truth is for believers and skeptics to dialogue with each other. At Epiphany, we can offer you a safe place to explore your questions about “the answer to life, the universe, and everything.” It’s much more than the number 42, we can assure you of that.


Here you are, at the website of the Catholic Church of the Epiphany of the Lord. If you think that your skepticism is worth some consideration, a little “processing” as folks say these days, come talk with us. We’d like to hear about the God you don’t believe in, because you might find out that we don’t believe in that God either. We have year round discussions open to believers and non-believers, Catholics and non-Catholics. Contact Mandy Brown at 405-722-2110 extension 118 and we’ll be in touch soon.